VIAMODA’s innovative educational program provides students with the full-scale knowledge of the designing process, synergistic technological skills, and profound expertise in communications. Classes and practical training are conducted in thoroughly equipped studios and workshop facilities. Business-smart approach enables creative understanding of fashion, allows skilful development and management of fashion brands, and qualifies creating brand identity and visibility on the market.  VIAMODA is the only university in Poland which provides students of the fashion design with the opportunity to develop collection of original designs ready to be produced.  VIAMODA educates professionals who fit  in every sector of the widely defined fashion industry – professionals able to combine creativity, craftsmanship, and new technologies grasp. 


PROGRAMS IN 2021/2022 ACADEMIC YEAR (taught in Polish language):

  • BA Design, Fashion Design & Technology Management, 7 semesters
  • BA Design, Brand Communication Design, Photography and Visual Branding 7 semesters
  • BA Design, Commerce Design, VM, UX and E-commerce 7 semesters


Prices vary depending on a chosen course.

All payments should be paid on:


BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA SWIFT: PPABPLPK

Account No:  80 1600 1068 1843 8502 7000 0004

Name of payee: VIAMODA Szkoła Wyższa w Warszawie

Address of payee: ul. Paca 37, 04-386 Warszawa, POLAND



  • personal data questionnaire, application for admission, 
  • the original of the certificate which entitles the candidate to apply for admission to a higher education institution together with a  translation, legalization in the country where it was issued or in the embassy, nostrification,
  • a certified photocopy of the passport and a valid visa or residence permit,
  • a certified sufficient level of proficiency in Polish language,
  • 2 photographs, sized 35x45mm, bare-headed, against a light background (signed),
  • 1 coloured photograph n an electronic form ( 236x295 pix, 300 dpi, JPG)
  • medical certificate,
  • a photocopy of valid insurance,
  • self-presentation (pdf format,  not exceeding  50MB),  which describes your interests  and inspirations with the emphasis on art, culture, communications or/and fashion, and will be very helpful with assessing candidate’s predisposition and motivation,
  • proof of the admission fee paid directly to the VIAMODA University bank account. 



VIAMODA Szkoła Wyższa w Warszawie / VIAMODA University

ul. Paca 37, 04-386 Warszawa, Polska

tel.: +48  506 561 999, 

skype: viamoda.industrial



Cooperation with the University of Bari Aldo Moro


VIAMODA University in Warsaw is: 

  • modern school of fashion ign
  • unique project in Central Europe
  • business-bonded educational offer for successful career path


VIAMODA University  offers a comprehensive approach to fashion industry:

  • innovative education which combines three fields of knowledge – design, technology and management,
  • opportunity to work with the creative staff of professionals –  educators and practitioners from the fashion industry and business,
  • up-to-date experience in the industry, drawing inspirations from the exemplars and cooperation with the  prestigious European and global fashion houses,
  • support of creativity – scholarships, internships and trainings in companies highly valued in fashion industry, language courses, students’ exchange programs and international cooperation.


VIAMODA GRADUATE              

VIAMODA educates interdisciplinary professionals who find their place in every sector of the widely defined fashion industry, professionals able to combine creativity and knowledge of new technologies,  designing craftsmanship and expertise of the rules dominating in the fashion industry.  Students acquire qualifications allowing  to be competitive on the labour market. They are able to find employment in companies producing clothes, accessories and textiles, in fashion trade companies, in professional media, marketing and consulting agencies, and institutions associated with the fashion industry. Our graduates possess the fundamental competencies necessary to start own projects and develop own business ideas.


VIAMODA is located at ul. Paca 37, in Warsaw  in the building with the fashion climate in each classroom, sewing premises, drawing and painting workshops. Ambience of the Polish capital city - its design studious, art galleries, fashionable restaurants, exhibition halls & museums - allows VIAMODA students to experience the atmosphere that accompanies the process of designing,  art-and media-oriented business. Academic year consists of two semesters and starts October 01.


CAMPUS TOUR:,21.0698158,3a,90y,100.89h,84.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPTJxLQgNS3oAAAQvOaQ57A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656