Post-graduate studies for creative industries


The creation of visual information for promotion of brands, collections, fashion products and the organization of event promotion (shows, presentations, meetings, press days) is the one of the most up-to-date directions in fashion communication. The creation of consistent view of fashion is like storytelling about a brand, collection and the product which contains unique emotional and visual message communicated by its author. This story which bases on images and words creates the wish of possession in the customers. The visual communication in fashion combines storytelling and copywriting with professional visual communication tools (film, photography, and graphics), timing of message and developing the customers’ attitude.

The main goal of these post-graduate studies is the education in professional and structured way in fashion which allows to combine film, graphics multimedia, IT with refined esthetics as the parts of creative industries, with analysis of customers’ attitudes and behavior and developing the fashion market and the trends. Concentrated studies are dedicated to graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate studies – the enthusiasts who wish to complement their education in fashion with fashion communication. The studies allow improving the professional skills and competitiveness on the job market. During the training we pay attention to innovative technologies (multimedia, IT) for building an attractive and coherent visual message. The trainings are conducted by professional lecturers with their own business background. A part of workshops is conducted in English and the other part – in the Italian language.



The education of specialists for brand image and products of fashion, creation of the view of brand and fashion companies in customers’ mind, education of specialists for promotion, event managers and PR specialists in  marketing agencies. The education of specialists who are concentrated on creative industries, particularly fashion, who are able to create innovative products and channel them effectively to customers and mass-media.



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