Post-graduate studies for creative industries


Food Design is an innovative way of design in culinary art, diet, and experience connected with cooking, consumption and commercialization of food and culinary products. It includes the whole process of design of the dishes, packaging, and product placement. Food Design is the kind of design which bases on science and commercial tests. The post-graduate studies of Food Design are the intensive education program which contains three basic kinds of knowledge: design, multimedia and the creation of the culinary and food negotiation. The proposed syllabus includes the wide spectrum of topics such as individual design of food products, their styling and the methods of impact on a customer by visual message.

Visual Merchandising (VM) – creation of commerce space – is the one of the fastest-developing instruments of marketing and communication as well. Therefore, the way of the product presentation, arrangement in store space by the profiled style, rhetoric and the strategy make impact on a brand in targeted part of the market and make the offer adjusted to the strategy of communication with the customers.

The studies let students improve the professional skills and competitiveness on the job market for culinary and food industry, promotion with innovate visual technology of communication with customer and the creation of the product placement. The trainings and workshops are conducted by experienced and professional experts that make the studies useful for graduates.



Education of experts for PR and marketing for food and culinary brands, creation the brand view in customers’ minds, education for experts for creative industries, especially food and culinary; for experts who can develop innovative, creative, unique messages based on customers’ emotions, by means of multimedia, graphics, products design and product placement. Education and developing the skills for food design, creation the image of the cuisine by multimedia and the graphics, creation the coherent brand image and culinary product with unique message which improves the sales. Developing a project connected with the food industry, construction and the developing of the plan for commerce and the negotiation (visual merchandising) of culinary products.



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