Do you want to study Fashion design, fashion communication, photography and visual branding or styling in Warsaw?

Our University provides a solid theoretical foundation combined with adequate practical and workshop preparation for the profession of design, communication and visual branding specialist and related specialties.
Based on an educational program integrated with the industry environment and the diagnosed needs of the broadly defined creative industries, it enables graduates to smoothly enter the job market.


Every city has a place that is a must-see on the sightseeing map.
In Warsaw, it is the Old Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List – here the heart of the capital has been beating for centuries.
Warsaw is one of the most fastest developing European cities, with great potential and extraordinary energy, where residents often refer to its history and know how to combine tradition with modernity.
High-rise buildings rise above the red roofs of the old town. Modern architecture harmoniously complements the historic buildings,

We suggest walking along the Royal Route, which connects the former residences of Poland’s kings. When you get down to the Wisła River, you will see modern boulevards stretching between the Multimedia Fountain Park and the Copernicus Science Center. In the summer, when clubhouses and bars are open here, in almost every one of them you can listen to live music.

The other side of the Wisła river has preserved its natural character, which is unique in Europe and delights all visitors. There are plenty of places for sporting activity, sandy beaches and bicycle paths.

Those who like nature, peace and quiet will be able to relax among trees and greenery. Almost half the area of the city’s is green.
There are 95 parks in Warsaw, led by the Łazienki Królewskie Park, where you can listen to the famous open-air Chopin Concerts in the summer.
Warsaw has a rich calendar of musical, cultural and sports events.
Warsaw’s museums, including interactive ones, will help you understand the city’s history, and festivals, concerts and outdoor exhibitions take place throughout the year.


VIAMODA is a University that educates in the areas of fashion and design, as well as creative arts, where innovative knowledge, technological know-how and practical skills are the key to success.
The undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs offered by VIAMODA are a compilation of knowledge, creativity and business practice that provide comprehensive preparation for professionals in the creative industries. Courses and workshop forms are professional knowledge in a nutshell, for those who want to quickly expand their knowledge in a particular fashion-related area.
The most important goal we set for ourselves every day is to support you in gaining competence in the fashion industry, developing independence in creative action and discovering yourself and your own independent forms of expression.
We methodically improve our educational programs and teaching facilities in accordance with current market needs, changing trends or innovations applied in the fashion and creative industries, in order to give you, future professionals and managers, a solid theoretical foundation, combined with adequate practical preparation, which will enable you to properly develop your career and achieve success in the creative industries.
The strength of the University is its staff of scientists and practitioners actively working in the fields of fashion, design, visual arts and innovative technologies accompanying these fields. Our lecturers have many years of experience working with students in Poland and abroad, as well as extensive experience in conducting graduation projects. Many of them are authors of professional publications, and they also conduct training courses and industry courses in which practical aspects are the leading element.

Bachelor degree

VIAMODA implements undergraduate (bachelor’s) studies in Design within several specializations, including fashion design and fashion communication with elements of visual branding and styling, photography and multimedia. The VIAMODA undergraduate program is dedicated to people who have a high school diploma and want to gain higher education and practical experience in the areas of fashion design, fashion business, art direction and fashion communication. Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree program receive an undergraduate degree.
If you are going for a bachelor’s degree, you can choose from several specialties, including fashion design, fashion communication, photography and visual branding or styling.

Master degree

The study is addressed to people with a bachelor’s, engineer’s or master’s degree (graduation in art is not required).
Admission of candidates to the complementary master’s degree program is based on the evaluation of the candidate’s design and artistic achievements. The author’s portfolio should include photographed or scanned works submitted as a single pdf file
Classes in the second-level studies in the specialty of clothing design and creative direction are conducted on the basis of basic skills in clothing sewing techniques, principles of clothing construction and modeling, as well as basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator (operation in terms of functions and tools).
Classes in the second degree program in the specialty of creative direction and fashion brand communication are conducted on the basis of basic knowledge of the operation in the field of functions and tools of the programs: Adobe Illustrator (vector program), Adobe InDesign (publishing design program), Adobe Photoshop (bitmap program).

Application Procedures

First, you must contact the coordinator of your home school, who must send a nomination email to
Once the International Office has received your nomination and confirmed it, you need to prepare :
CV, a letter of motivation, your portfolio and a copy of your ID or passport for the application.
You must also prepare, with your Erasmus Coordinator the „Learning agreement”, which will indicate the subjects you want to study with us and those corresponding to your home institution.
Your Erasmus Coordinator will guide you through the entire procedure.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact with our International Office –

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